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If you desire to profit from the ever-growing cannabis industry, consulting experienced professionals is necessary to overcome the obstacles you will face. The knowledge and expertise of Cannabiz Europe consultants span across several markets in the cannabis industry. Here are the various markets that Cannabiz Europe can help North American businesses with.

Agricultural and Farming

Cannabis plants for hemp fiber in the European Union can be cultivated and supplied as long as they contain low THC levels. Only varieties of cannabis with less than 0.2% THC content may be used and subject to certain import conditions. Cannabiz Europe can help companies with agricultural and farming setup and licensing permits to expand operations.

Industrial Hemp Produc

Industrial hemp can be used for a wide range of products such as construction materials, food, wood, plastics and paper. France is known to be the biggest provider in Europe of hemp fiber, with about 30,000 acres farmed. Cannabiz Europe can assist with licensing permits and business setup for industrial hemp products. Our consultants can perform a European market analysis on demand and recommend the best locations for site production to optimize the supply chain.

CBD Wellness

In 2020, the CJEU ruled that CBD is not a narcotic, which means it can be freely sold in the European Union. The market consists of individuals who use CBD for relief from pain seizures and inflammation, as well as relaxation. While the cannabis market is rapidly expanding and completely legal in Europe, lagging legislation is creating confusion for consumers on how to select the best product. Quality assurance and consumer education are key for businesses and investors of high-quality, CBD-compliant products.

Medical Cannabis

While 18 countries in the European Union allow cannabis as a medicine, four countries have implemented laws concerning medical use and distribution of cannabis. Product licensing varies by country. From licensing to funding to facility engineering, Cannabiz Europe works with you to achieve your business objectives.

Adult Use / Recreational

Many adults use cannabis for recreational use. France has the highest recreational cannabis use in Europe. Some countries may have regulations concerning recreational use and distribution. Cannabiz Europe can help you overcome obstacles you may encounter with government regulations regarding adult recreational use.

Who We Help

Cannabiz Europe helps big businesses and SME or private investors establish a presence in Europe. Medium-sized businesses looking to grow and trade cannabis in the European market can also benefit from our consulting services. To learn more about the clients we serve, please visit the following links:

Expert Help to Grow Your Cannabis Business in Europe

Establishing a cannabis business in the European Union can involve many complicated decisions and challenges. The knowledge and experience from the professional consultants at Cannabiz Europe can give you the information you need for successful business operations. Schedule a consultation today.


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