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Mark Stevens ,
Mark Stevens

Tax, Legal and Financial Strategy

Mark has a diverse and international background in business centred around the development and implementation of tax, legal and financial strategy for the multi-national companies that he represents. His work experiences are grounded in the “Big 4” consulting environment and in-house with the African and Asian operations of The Coca-Cola Company as well as UK based global law firm. He is particularly adept at engaging with Government stakeholders to secure a more certain regulatory environment for the businesses that he supports.

Mark currently provides specialist, largely tax related, consulting services to large multi-national Groups of Companies head-quartered in Western Europe and the Middle East. He is also sits on the board of directors of a German head-quartered technology business, which has developed an innovative B2B software solution for the distribution of travel industry products and services.

Mark is a UK national, currently resident in France, having previously lived and worked in Dubai, South Africa and Bahrain.


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