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Courtney Plotnick ,
Courtney Plotnick

Healthcare Management, Research and Marketing

Courtney excels at healthcare management, research and marketing. She served as a research associate at the Harvard School of Public Health designing qualitative and quantitative surveys, managing databases and interviewing physicians regarding one of the early computerized patient reminder systems. Past clients include Grey Healthcare Group, Pfizer, ImaRx Therapeutics and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

She designed public health mass media campaigns for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), managed market feasibility study for HIV-AIDS drugs, and developed and evaluated diabetes education campaigns targeting pharmacists, podiatrists and eye care professionals.

Courtney received a Bachelor of Science, Health Sciences, Cum Laude, from Boston University. Her Master of Arts in Communications is from the University of Maryland, where she was an instructor. Research from her master’s thesis, “The Use of Fear Appeals in AIDS Advertisements”, is published in Health Education. Other research, including the impact of popular television programming on interpersonal communication, appears in the Journal of Health Education and Behavior and the Journal of Health Communication. Courtney is a Board Member of the Easter Seals Blake Foundation here in Tucson.


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