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If you need assistance with government relationships and cannabis lobbying in Europe, Cannabiz Europe can help. We are one of the few consulting services that provide this type of service for North American companies and private equity firms. Our company stands out from other cannabis consulting firms. We partner and secure funding from Big Pharma and tobacco companies for cannabis lobbyists to help North American businesses and private equity firms.

Some companies may have concerns about lobbying and its implications. Cannabiz Europe works with government officials to help them better understand the cannabis industry and how it can be beneficial for businesses and private equity firms. This can help governments establish the best policies for the well-being of their citizens and the businesses that make up their countries.

Issues Affecting European Government Relationships with Cannabis Businesses

With the European cannabis market still in infancy, various countries face challenges with establishing strong government relationships with cannabis businesses. Some countries struggle with a lack of diversified supply sources and uniform quality standards. Trials are being carried on in the French and German markets with medical cannabis using lobbying. Product licensing varies by country. Regulations regarding imports and exports can slow down cannabis manufacturing and distribution.

Social stigmas regarding cannabis use impact many communities, making it difficult for companies to establish business regulations. Many countries still have yet to establish decriminalization policies for recreational use. Cannabiz Europe can help you avoid any pitfalls and political landmines when it comes to establishing a cannabis business presence in the European Union. Our consultants stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments to help recommend the best course of action for your needs.

Establish Strong Government Relationships with Cannabiz Europe

In order to be profitable and thriving in the European Union, it is important to establish good government relationships. The consultants at Cannabiz Europe have assisted numerous North American clients in the start of their cannabis businesses abroad. We strive to help companies build brands with the highest quality CBD and cannabis products in the recreational and medical markets. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our consulting services for government relationships today.


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