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When it comes to cannabis compliance for businesses and investors in Europe, matters can get complicated. While Europe is a hot market for the cannabis industry, the regulatory environment on the local, national and European Union level is ever-changing. Some countries may not allow manufacturing but allow imports, while others allow both. There can be restrictions with medical or recreational production. A cannabis consulting service can help you understand and overcome these regulatory challenges for your business operations.

We Understand Cannabis Compliance in Europe

Cannabiz Europe understands the regulatory cannabis compliance in Europe. Our consultants help companies and investors achieve compliance for both recreational and medical products. Support for clients can include initial licensing approval to audits to ongoing compliance.

Medical Cannabis Compliance

The regulations for medical cannabis in Europe can be more stringent than standards in North America. Cannabis business owners must produce their products in European Union Good Manufacturing Practices-certified facilities. Cannabis products can only contain a certain percentage of THC for consumer safety reasons. There can also be restrictions on the types of cannabis plants that can be used for the manufacturing of products. Cannabiz Europe consultants can advise you regarding these medical cannabis regulations so your business can stay compliant.

Individual countries in the European Union have varying levels of decriminalization. Some countries still have a ban on cannabis products. You may be able to acquire patents for new cannabis drugs despite the legality. Trademark registration for cannabis goods can be obtained, but protection may not be available in the United Kingdom for criminalized cannabis products.

Ensure Cannabis Compliance for Your Businesses in Europe

Failure to comply with evolving regulations in Europe can result in fines or business closures and suspensions. With the cannabis compliance consulting services offered by Cannabiz Europe, your business can navigate these regulations with ease and confidence. The consultants at Cannabiz Europe are highly experienced with the varying regulations, and work with the different governments to ensure success for large North American businesses and private equity firms. Request a consultation to ensure your new cannabis business is compliant in Europe with CBD market regulations today.


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