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Cannabiz Europe is a group of cannabis business planning consultants specializing in a wide range of comprehensive services for large companies and private equity firms. Consulting services include in-depth analysis of your business structures and operations to identify weaknesses and strengths. Consultants can recommend areas of potential growth and ensure your business is compliant and able to receive needed funding.

Cannabiz Europe Business Plans

Cannabiz Europe works with large North American businesses to establish detailed business plans. These plans can be used to secure funding, recruit executive talent or for future licensing application development. An in-depth consultation regarding cannabis business plans can include:

  • Industry and Marketing Analysis
  • Full Scope Operations Plan
  • Financial Plan and Modeling
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Due Diligence

During a consultation, a Cannabiz Europe consultant will review your documentation and recommend the best course of action for moving forward. With our consulting services, you can receive strategic support and advice to generate leads and opportunities for your business. Our consultants have helped medium-sized to large North American businesses with tailored solutions relevant to the cannabis and CBD products they manufacture and sell.

Cannabis Business Planning Challenges in Europe

While the European market presents exciting opportunities, it can be difficult for many business owners to navigate. Various languages and cultural differences can impact cannabis business planning and operations. A detailed understanding of industry and trade differences throughout the European Union is absolutely necessary. Doing this research and analysis on your own can be an expensive and frustrating endeavor. With the expert business planning and consulting services through Cannabiz Europe, you can gain the knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost.

Other cannabis business planning challenges involve government regulations. It can be difficult for business owners to assess the financial costs with varying regulations in each country. Cannabiz Europe can help you figure out these financial challenges so you can reduce costs and maximize revenue.

Expert Cannabis Business Planning with Cannabiz Europe

Business planning is crucial for obtaining funding and the growth of your cannabis business in Europe. A solid plan can give you an edge in a highly competitive market. Cannabiz Europe provides all the resources and assistance to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. For assistance with business planning in Europe, contact Cannabiz Europe consultants today.


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