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What to Understand About Operating a Cannabis Business in Europe ,

Operating a cannabis business in Europe can be highly profitable but comes with numerous challenges. Inconsistencies with regulations and product requirements can cause headaches and financial risks for North American business owners. By understanding the major factors that can affect your business, you can help create a way to navigate a new market and experience substantial growth. Here are three main factors to understand about operating a cannabis business in Europe.

European Union Novel Food Process

In the European Union, Novel Food regulations analyze products that are typically not consumed by humans and were applied in 2019 to CBD and cannabis products. This process can take around two years to complete and must be submitted by the manufacturer. Compliance enforcement with the Novel Food process can vary greatly among different countries in the European Union. If you fail to comply with the process as a cannabis business in Europe, your products can be pulled from shelves and you may face other legal consequences.

Cannabis Business Licensing

The process for acquiring a license for cannabis business operations in Europe can become confusing. Licensing policies and requirements vary depending on the country. Some countries still outlaw recreational and medical cannabis, while other countries have vague regulations when it comes to licensing, manufacturing and selling cannabis products. It can be highly beneficial for a North American business owner to work with an experienced cannabis business consulting service that is familiar with the regulations where you desire to do business.

Transportation Challenges for Cannabis Business Operations in Europe

The transportation of cannabis products can create numerous challenges with cannabis business operations for North American companies in Europe. The process can be expensive and can require special regulatory approval. Distribution within the European Union may require licensed distributors who are able to receive the product. An experienced cannabis business consultant can help you figure out what transportation challenges your cannabis business may face and recommend solutions to fit your needs.

Interested in Operating a Cannabis Business in Europe?

Understanding how cannabis business operations work in Europe can help you navigate unexpected challenges you may face. Cannabiz Europe provides comprehensive cannabis business consulting services to help you make informed decisions for successful growth. Call to schedule a consultation today.

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