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The Legalisation of Recreational Cannabis Use in Europe ,

The Legalisation of Recreational Cannabis Use in Europe

The Legalisation of Recreational Cannabis Use in Europe On 14 December 2021, Malta became the first EU country to legalise the cultivation and personal use of cannabis. Adults will be allowed to carry up to seven grams of cannabis, and grow no more than four plants at home. Equality Minister, Owen Bonnici, said the “historic”… READ MORE

Tips for Successful Marketing for Your Cannabis Business in Europe


Europe is becoming one of the fastest emerging markets for cannabis businesses. If you are looking to expand your North American business, you need to be able to stand out in this competitive market. While cannabis is still a controversial product in Europe, you can still be highly profitable with the right marketing strategies. Here… READ MORE

What to Understand About Operating a Cannabis Business in Europe


Operating a cannabis business in Europe can be highly profitable but comes with numerous challenges. Inconsistencies with regulations and product requirements can cause headaches and financial risks for North American business owners. By understanding the major factors that can affect your business, you can help create a way to navigate a new market and experience… READ MORE

3 Reasons You Need a Cannabis Business Consultant


Starting a cannabis business in Europe can be challenging with constantly changing regulations. Trying to navigate these obstacles on your own can lead to costly mistakes. Hiring an experienced cannabis business consultant can be a smart decision to grow and expand your business in the European Union with innovative solutions for every challenge you face.… READ MORE


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