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The cannabis industry provides numerous profitable opportunities for business owners. Cannabiz Europe helps North American companies make it easier to bring their cannabis business operations to Europe. Whether you are a well-established company or a private equity firm, our company can help you successfully expand and grow operations in the European Union. Starting a cannabis business in Europe can be difficult with constantly changing regulations.

Europe Cannabis Business Experts

As Europe cannabis business experts, Cannabiz Europe supplies professional consulting and advisory services to North American clients. Our knowledgeable experts help large North American companies and private equity firms with licensing, business operations, government relationships, facility engineering and more. Clients can receive innovative solutions to handle every aspect of their cannabis businesses, from startup to scaling.

Cannabis Business Consulting

The cannabis business consulting experts at Cannabiz Europe can help you navigate every aspect of your business in Europe. Our consultants can help you draft a business plan and assist with the licensing process. We can help you make sure your business is compliant with government regulations at every turn. Consultants can help with facility engineering and prepare you for inspections. Other services include branding, marketing, staff recruiting and tax planning assistance. If you are looking to sell or merge a cannabis business, Cannabiz Europe can advise you on the best steps for your needs.

Another aspect that Cannabiz Europe consultants help businesses with is government relationships throughout the European Union. The governments in these countries face the daunting task of developing cannabis regulations and policies with limited resources and time. Cannabiz Europe works with government officials to better understand the cannabis industry and works with lobbyists to secure funding.

Trusted Cannabiz Europe Business Consultants

There can be many challenges for North American businesses and private equity firms to face when setting up and expanding a cannabis business in Europe. The trusted cannabis business consultants at Cannabiz Europe have helped numerous clients navigate these obstacles to achieve their business goals. By leveraging our industry expertise, our consultants can help you make intelligent decisions to optimize your success. Request a consultation to get started with your cannabis business in Europe today.


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