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European Cannabis Business Consultants

The cannabis industry is rapidly on the rise. According to the European Cannabis Report, the cannabis market by 2024 is estimated to be worth over two hundred billion dollars. Private equity firms and North American businesses can benefit from a highly sophisticated network of suppliers and drop shippers in the cannabis industry.

The downside is that government regulations and operational setup obstacles can get in the way. The European cannabis business consultants from Cannabiz Europe can help you overcome these challenges to achieve profitable revenues.

Helping North American Companies Enter the Cannabis Market in Europe

Cannabiz Europe specializes in helping North American companies establish and grow business operations in Europe. Our comprehensive services include business setup and regulation compliance for both the recreational and medical cannabis markets.

Our consultants work to help establish a European Union presence for blue chip North American businesses including pharma and tobacco companies.

We also assist North American private equity firms acquire European cannabis companies. We also guide North American firms with product distribution and crop manufacturing opportunities in the European Union.

The complex, highly regulated and quickly evolving cannabis marketplace can be difficult to navigate. We provide and execute innovation strategies in the medicinal and recreational marketplaces to assist clients avoid the considerable pitfalls.

Cannabis business consulting services can help protect your investment in order to succeed in the industry long term. Our expert consultants can assist you from startup to scaling so your business can reach its full potential.

Bring Your Cannabis Business to Europe

The cannabis industry in Europe features vast opportunities and constantly evolving regulations. Private equity firms and businesses in North America trying to enter the cannabis market in Europe need access to expert consultants to fill in the gaps to create successful business operations.

If you are looking to build or invest in a cannabis business in Europe, Cannabiz Europe provides a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.

Whether you need licensing, facility engineering, marketing or financial and staffing assistance, Cannabiz Europe can help you every step of the way. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

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